The Finding Your Place (FYP) first year program integrates an academically rigorous place-based course with faculty advising and peer mentoring within the residential setting. This place-based focus highlights Sewanee’s domain, our community and our southern heritage, as well as fosters skills in synthetic integrative thinking. As such, FYP aims to provide a grounded introduction to college life that uses place to engage students both academically and socially, anchoring them to our community while helping them appreciate connections to the wider world. In its third and final year as a pilot, the program seeks to become sustainably integrated into the academic curriculum so that it can expand and flourish, offering a profound and unique introduction to our campus and the rich culture surrounding this place. Deb McGrath and Jim Peterman received a grant to host a workshop in May 2015 that aimed to expand the participating faculty base and prepare for a sustainable transition from pilot to integrated curricular program.