In the summer of 2015, Jim Peterman and Nicky Hamilton received grant funds to host a workshop to bring together various stakeholders to devise of county-wide plan to provide extra-curricular and curricular support for the Grundy County school system’s project of improving reading scores. Collaborators include, beyond the Grundy County school system, representatives from the following organizations: the Office of Community Engagement, Discover Together, Yale University, Sequatchie Valley Head Start, and Sewanee’s Bonner Leaders program. This workshop is designed to investigate an ambitious, Grundy County-wide reading initiative drawing on resources from Grundy County, Sewanee, Yale, and Scholastic. This effort will develop a local reading-program in rural Appalachia using resources from the Sewanee-Yale collaborative. Although the initial efforts will be on training teachers and setting up a community reading program (including training of Sewanee students and community members in how to help children learn to read and love reading), we also anticipate a research component, drawing on the expertise of Walter Gilliam (Associate Professor in the Yale Child Study Center, Yale School of Medicine; Associate Professor of Psychology; Director, The Edward Zigler Center in Child Development and Social Policy, Yale University).

Final ReportĀ