There is substantial and growing interest among Sewanee’s faculty and administration to build connections between our academic curriculum and the Sewanee Farm. Dr. Mark Preslar (Russian) and Dr. Thea Edwards (Biology) are members of the Farm Advisory Committee. As such, they are working to create educational opportunities using the farm as a laboratory and classroom. We share this vision with a more established university farm at Yale. Since 2000, Yale’s Sustainable Food Program has developed to encompass a college farm, university composting, increased education around food and agriculture, and a sustainable dining program that purchases and prepares food from local organic sources. The Collaborative for Southern Appalachian and Place-Based Studies funded travel for Thea Edwards, Mark Preslar, Rick Wright (Sewanee’s Executive Chef), and Carolyn Hoagland (the Sewanee farm manager) to travel to Yale’s Farm for four days during summer 2015. Members of the expedition met with organizers of Yale’s Sustainable Food Program and plan to bring back to Sewanee those concepts and practices that have benefitted the Yale community and can be tailored to help build Sewanee’s Farm Program.

Final Report