Steering Committee

Walter Gilliam, Associate Professor in the Child Study Center and of Psychology, and Director of the Edward Zigler Center in Child Development and Social Policy, Yale
Linda Mayes, co-chair, Arnold Gesell Professor in the Child Study Center, and Professor of Epidemiology, of Pediatrics, and of Psychology, and Special Advisor to the Dean of the School of Medicine, Yale, and Distinguished Visiting Professor of Psychology, Sewanee
Jim Peterman,  Professor of Philosophy and Director of Community Engagement and Community Engaged Learning, Sewanee
Paige Schneider, Visiting Assistant Professor of Politics, Sewanee
John Willis, co-chair, Jessie Ball DuPont Professor of History, Sewanee
Karen Yu, co-chair, Professor of Psychology, Sewanee
Tom Sanders, ex officio, Foundation Relations & Development Communications Officer, Sewanee
Terry Papillon, ex officio, Dean of the College, Sewanee
John Swallow, ex officio, Provost, Sewanee

Grants Working Group 

The tasks of this work group include: developing and implementing the call(s) for proposals, developing ways to encourage participation and award funds, reviewing and making recommendations on proposals, and following-up on grants to build on funded efforts.

John Willis
Karen Yu
Linda Mayes
Emily Partin


With other working groups to be formed as needed.