First outcomes:

  1. Interactive documentary on the team and its work in the Cayonlands
  2. Extended podcast series and interviews
  3. Extended essay on theoretical reflections on place
  4. Visual art response to the Cayonlands
  5. Teaching materials for David Haskell’s place-based studies courses at Sewanee

Secondary outcomes include ongoing dialogues wit Gary Cox, US NPS Ranger, Canyonlands NP, Utah: presentations during ‘Conversations of Place’ weekend, Tennessee, October 23-25, 2015; possibility of further collaborations, formal/informal, to be discussed during Tennessee weekend

This project represents both a sustained engagement with a particular place – the Maze – in the form of a series of creative reflections and public scholarship, as well as a series of reflections on the process of engaging with a particular place that are currently being tailored for David Haskell’s courses on Sewanee and the Southern Appalachians as part of his Fall and Spring term loads. It also represents a sustained engagement with the question of how interdisciplinary work can be done with respect to place, and an engagement with many and varied vectors- disciplines vis-a-vis other disciplines, disciplines vis-a-vis particular places, disciplines vis-a-vis themselves – which formed part of this Maze project experience.