November 17, 2015 all-day
481 8th Ave
New York, NY 10001

Highlighting quality learning as the next frontier for equity and expanded opportunity, the forum will bring together educational, policy, and foundation leaders to examine the learning all college students need to thrive in a knowledge economy and to participate actively and responsibly in a diverse and global society.  Participants also will examine the sobering evidence that both completion levels and access to quality learning remain highly stratified across income and race/ethnicity.

The forum will explore emerging evidence on “what works” in supporting higher levels of underserved student success, and especially the evidence that quality learning pathways that are rich in relevant, inquiry-based, engaged practices are themselves a catalyst to increased completion for underserved students.

With new research on the student success value of “guided learning pathways” now in hand, the forum will feature ways—in both broad access and selective institutions—that well-designed guided pathways can ensure the hallmark outcomes of a strong liberal—and liberating—education.    The Forum will propose necessary components of high impact and equity-minded guided learning pathways.

Participants are encouraged to attend in teams, and to explore, across a host of institutional examples, how they can ensure that their own quality and equity initiatives work together to provide maximum benefit to underserved students. All participants will have an opportunity to try out AAC&U’s new campus guide for self-study and planning titled Committing to Equity and Inclusive Excellence.