The following is a list of resources on framing available to Sewanee faculty. You can access all these materials on FrameWorks Academy ( ).

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FrameWorks Academy Module: Framing Fundamentals

“Framing Fundamentals” is designed to introduce viewers to essential ideas about why and how to change public thinking and discourse through reframing. This introductory overview course provides an efficient, engaging tour of the evidence behind the strategic framing approach, diving into cultural models theory, theories of change and social movements, the power of metaphor, and more.


FrameWorks Academy Module: Framing Early Childhood Development

This course leverages a decade’s effort spearheaded by the National Scientific Council on the Developing Child and the FrameWorks Institute to use communications research to faithfully translate complex scientific concepts for policymakers and the citizens who elect them. The result is the Core Story of Early Childhood Development, a rigorously tested set of framing recommendations that explain key concepts in early brain and biological development to nonscientists. In this course, learners can develop, refresh, or refine skills in using the values, metaphors, and other communications techniques that comprise the Core Story.


FrameWorks Academy Module: Talking Skills and Learning: Reframing the Heart of the Issue

This course explores content from the Core Story of Education project.  Talking Skills and Learning: Reframing the Heart of the Issue zeroes in on how and why to reframe the conversation about effective teaching and learning. Failing to establish frames that counter default beliefs about “the basics” or passive instruction can sink communications on a range of topics in education. This course outlines tested, reliable ways of setting up a more effective understanding of instruction, opening the way to more expansive conversations about education reform. Specific topics include: public perceptions about skills and learning; themes and frames to avoid on these issues; tested Values that build measurable support for instructional reforms; and Explanatory Metaphors that can catalyze a more productive, robust conversation on how to build an education system designed for the way children learn.


Course Syllabus on Framing Theory and Methods (available on FrameWorks Academy): This a syllabus for a semester long course on framing designed for upper level undergraduates. The courses explores the various academic disciplines that use the concept of framing, teaches basic theories and methods related to framing, and provides concrete examples of framing projects. The syllabus includes readings, assignments, and in-class exercises.


Short Curriculum on framing for incorporation into existing courses (available on FrameWorks Academy). This short curriculum contains four mini-lessons that can be incorporated, in isolation or in any combination, into existing courses. Each of these lessons is designed to introduce students to a specific aspect of framing. The curriculum provides readings and in-class exercises.


Faculty Reading Group Guide (available on FrameWorks Academy): This resource is designed for faculty who want to understand the theoretical foundations of framing. The readings include foundational theoretical texts on framing across the social sciences, including communications, anthropology, sociology, political science and psychology.