Central to meaningful and productive interdisciplinary, public scholarship is effective communication that promotes understanding, productive discourse, and thoughtful action. Our colleagues at the FrameWorks Institute in Washington, D.C. are developing a tailored set of resources for the Collaborative that draws upon their extensive work with a variety of social issues including early childhood development, climate change, education, criminal justice, and rural issues.

A FrameWorks self-description states: “An independent nonprofit organization founded in 1999, FrameWorks has become known for its development of Strategic Frame Analysis ™, which roots communications practice in the cognitive and social sciences. FrameWorks designs, conducts, and publishes multi-method, multi-disciplinary communications research to empirically identify the most effective ways of reframing social and scientific topics. The Institute also offers strategic guidance and a variety of professional learning opportunities for advocates, scientists, policymakers, and nonprofit leaders.”

We see framing, knowledge translation, and communication as a central core component of the Collaborative’s efforts. We are excited to be able to offer these resources for use in courses and projects, and to see how faculty, staff, students, and community members put them to use. We expect the resources to be available in December 2014.