Project Abstract

The Finding Your Place (FYP) workshop will provide both curricular development for this year’s plenary topics and three new faculty designing their sections. The work will occur both in a classroom and out in the field. The project will develop the fall 19 FYP immersion period, integrate three new faculty into the team, and aid the creation of two new course section topics. It will also provide opportunities for colleagues interested in FYP, perhaps teaching in the program in coming years, to learn more about FYP and our place. The project will involve our early summer workshop and some excursions into the field over the summer. The course will improve and grow through this work.

Project Alignment with the Collaborative for Southern Appalachian Studies

FYP traditionally centers on this region/place. Our students learn a tremendous amount about Sewanee and the surrounding area, so do the faculty. The development of each year’s FYP immersion syllabus develops transdisciplinary conversations about the region.

Project Impact

The workshop will integrate the teaching approaches and views of this year’s team. It will also orient the three new members of the group and other potential future teachers interested in Sewanee, the region, and beyond.