“The wide canyon between what life and food was and what it is now caught the attention of Stephen Carmody, a quiet archaeologist employed at The University of the South, who spent his time scuffling through ancient caves searching for plants that people had forgotten. After stumbling on a few tiny seeds that had been preserved 6,000 years before, he squirreled them away in his long-ago invented pockets to study. It was his job to be curious about the past, but what he really wanted to know was what these seeds could mean for the future.”

So writes Amy Halloran in her recent Blue Ridge Outdoors article “First There Were Plants,” featuring the work of Stephen Carmody, incoming Mellon Fellow with the Collaborative for Southern Appalachian Studies. You can read Halloran’s full article here: http://www.blueridgeoutdoors.com/go-outside/first-there-were-plants/ , and follow Stephen’s Native Cultigen Project here and also follow @nativecultigenproject on Instagram.