From Andrew J. Hoffman in The Chronicle of Higher Education, February 9, 2015:

“It is time to build the wall from the large and growing body of research in the physical and social sciences on a host of issues: not just climate change, but also nanotechnology, nuclear power, autism and vaccines, GMOs, and more. Academic scholarship can and must enter more fully into the national debate on these issues, and other academics must build on that scholarship.Not only must collective academic knowledge be accumulated in this way, it is equally crucial that it be made available and accessible to an educated public that can put the insights of this research to use….In the end, whether any scholar can succeed in the goals of constructing buildings from academic bricks and using that work to reach a broader public is up to the scholar and the community of readers. Success will be measured not in citation counts but by the extent to which scholarly research changes the way people think about the problems we face and their solutions.”

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