In conjunction with the final concert of the 2014-15 academic year, César Leal partnered with Sidney King to provide workshops to local music teachers. The String pedagogy workshop examined the basic elements of string class pedagogy, with an emphasis on a new repertoire that can take particular advantage of musical influences from the Cumberland Plateau region.

The main outcomes of this project are listed below. We were able to draw a clearer picture of the current state of music education in the area and gather valuable information to review our long term goals and strategies to achieve them.

1. We were able to establish an artistic dialogue involving a broad cross‑section of our community, including community members from several counties in the area, secondary school teachers, and University faculty and students. We did create a network of students and professionals sharing similar interests in music education and the performing arts.

2. This project was included as one of the central events of “Scholarship Sewanee” and the community was able not only to attend to our concert, but also to the Sidney King’s lecture demonstration of the compositional process he used to composed “Tangos Descarados,” a pieced commissioned and premiered by the Sewanee Symphony Orchestra.

3. We succeeded at organizing a well‑attended event in which more than 700 participated in a world premiere of the work commissioned by the SSO to Sidney King.

4. After the 90‑minute workshop led by Sid King with music instructors from the Cumberland Plateau area, we were able to diagnose and understand the reality and limitations of the current state of the music education system in the area. This key information includes methodologies, budgets, teacher’s academic experience, children’s exposure to music instruction, music in the public school’s curriculum.